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#389, he makes you laugh while you’re in ‘the mood’.

Jack: You’re breathing heavily as he kisses down your stomach. The whole world feels like it’s on lockdown as he get’s closer, your core flexing beneath his lips. He suddenly shoots up, looking to the door. “Did I turn the oven off?” you start to laugh as he darts out quickly and then comes back. “Yup.”

Finn: You walk in the room, all dressed up in lace and heels just for him. His eyes have glazed over at the sight of you, making you cackle internally. He stands up, walking over to you to touch you. Except, he stumbles over something on the floor and nearly falls face first, making you not be able to hold your ‘sexy’ persona and simply burst out laughing.

Dan: His lips are curved around the soft skin of your chest, hand around the fabric of your bra as he licks and squeezes lightly. He sits up, licking his lips as if he’s tasted an orange peel. “Something wrong?” “Why do your boobs taste like soap?” you start to giggle, then both of you fall into full blown laughter as he buries his face in your chest in embarrassment.

Phil: Things are getting pretty sexual, his lips all around your neck as you grind on him a little. Your hands spread along his back as he bites the side of your neck to leave a hickey, when he leans back. “Ow!” “What?” “I bit your necklace!” you erupt into giggles together. “We’ve been making out for 10 minutes and you haven’t noticed the necklace?”

Anonymous asked: your navi for mobile isnt working babe )):

fixed now!! thanks for reminding me love :)

#388, your goodnight text.

Jack: "I know you’re awake but I’m going to bed like a normal person. Goodnight babe :)"

Finn: "Try not to miss holding me too much! ;) goodnight. x"

Dan: "goodnight daniel have a good sleep ily xxxxxx"

Phil: "Remember to take off your contacts before you sleep tonight silly goose :)"

#387, he sees you sticking up for yourself.

Jack: He cheers you on. He’s across the club basically, but he can still see your body arching and your voice going to unholy strengths to ruin this girl’s night. He sticks his hands in the air, giving you a high five when you come back to him. “That was fucking awesome!”

Finn: And honestly, he thinks it’s totally hot. There’s something about the way your lips form around the perfectly articulated cuss words and the way your body curls when you take a sharp breath in, that totally gets him hot.

Dan: He’s kind of scared. He supposes the best way you could describe what you said to that disgusting dude was ‘bitching him out’, and honestly, he’s feeling seriously threatened by your scare tactics.

Phil: He’s really surprised. Usually, like him, you’re very quiet and reserved even when there’s public conflict. But this time, seeing you actually stick up for yourself and what is right really makes him feel a sense of proudness.


i’d be way to stressed to play scrabble with dan tbh that is one vocabulary i do not wanna fuck with,



Phil tilts his head to the side, resting it atop of Dan’s. “Don’t worry; he’ll loosen up soon enough, because the video we’re doing today is probably the most requested video I’ve received, but it’s going to be a really fun one. Do you want to tell them what we’re doing, bear?”

Dan nods as he sits up normally again, and he says, surprisingly without stuttering, “We’re doing the Boyfriend Tag!” he looks at Phil. “I’m excited,” he says.

From “All That You Are is All That I’ll Ever Need” (x)

Anonymous asked: THIS IS KINDA GROSS BUT I HAD TO TELL SOMEONE AND I FIGURED YOU WOULD BE THE BEST PERSON TO TELL okay so last night I had a dream that I met PJ but I got so excited I peed myself and then I laY ON TOP OF IT TO TRY AND COVER IT I HATE MYSELF EVEN IN MY DREAMS

why on earth

Anonymous asked: How do you create a holiday themed URL just for the holidays but manage to keep your main URL? :)

i make a new sideblog with my usual url and just substitute it out for this one!! it’s just like saving a url :)


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"Oh no, Will’s definitely taller. He’s cooler as well." (x)


some of Dan’s thoughts on abuse in the YouTube community.


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